Administration and Finance

Leading the design and implementation of administrative procedures for the administration of resources, budget management, accounting and fund administration; information technology services, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure needed for the normal functioning of the cultural center’s activities. Besides, it designs and implements the policy and labor life cycle of the corporation’s workers.


Claudio Navea

  • Administration and finance
    Marco Calderón, Administration and finance chief
    Carolina Sandoval /Lorena Orias, Accounting coordinator
    Mauricio Acevedo, Rendition coordinator
    Gino Galdames, Administration and finance coordinator
    Alejandro Ríos, Administration assistant
  • Operations
    Andrea Crettier, Chief of operations
    Héctor Roa, General coordinator of operations
    Milton Concha, Coordinator of operations
    Raúl Paredes, Operations technician in charge of people
    Leopoldo Valenzuela, Operations technician
    Camilo Ponce, Operations technician
    Cristián Ibáñez, Operations technician
    Sebastián Torres, Operations technician
    Luciano Rocco, Operations technician
    Cristián Solís, Operations technician
    Patricio Pérez, Operations technician
  • Information technologies
    Sebastián Veas, IT coordinator
    Carlos Chaparro, IT assistant
    Pedro Pérez, IT assistant
  • People Management
    Natalia Tapia, People Management chief
    Claudia Mercado, People Management assistant
    Angélica Ganga, Receptionist
    Jessica Aliste, Cleaning service
  • Risk Prevention and Public Space
    Cristián Ramírez, Risk Prevention
    Fernanda Espinosa, Risk Prevention
    Franco Aránguiz, Risk Prevention
    José Allendes, Public spaces coordinator

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