Production and technicians

They implement and set in motion the artistic and commercial program in coordination with internal and external actors, including working with stage lighting, sound, stage machinery and stage furniture.

Marcelo Arancibia


  • Production
    Paola Díaz, Chief of production
    Iván Eterovic, General producer
    Orlando Olivera, Commercial production coordinator
    María José López, Production coordinator
    Jessica Briones, On-site producer
    Claudio Martínez, On-site producer
    Rodrigo Díaz, On-site producer
    Luis Catalán, Stage furniture assistant
    Paula Brown, Stage furniture assistant
  • Technical
    Andrés Poirot, Technical chief
    Rodrigo Chirino, Technical coordinator
    Pablo Mois, Audiovisual coordinator
    Gonzalo Rodríguez, Recording studio coordinator
    Gustavo Sotelo, Sound and audiovisual technician
    Christian Pérez, Sound and audiovisual technician
    Matías del Pozo, Sound and audiovisual technician
    Francisco Pinilla, Sound and audiovisual technician
    Marcos Gutiérrez, Sound and audiovisual technician
    Sandro Compayante, Stage lighting technician
    Rodrigo Del Campo, Stage lighting technician
    Rodrigo Burgos, Stage lighting technician
    Belén Álvarez, Stage lighting technician
    Alex Araya, Stage lighting technician
    Rodrigo Iturra, Stage lighting and stage machinery technician

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