Program and audiences

They lead the design, implementation and presentation of the art program according to the guidelines of the corporation. Plus, they design strategies, programs and audience formation services starting from the program contents destined to different objective groups; they manage and develop activities starting from the catalog, rooms and services of BiblioGAM; they evaluate the impact of said strategies and programs. They design fidelity strategies to involve audiences managing the relationship between users and services provided by GAM.


María José Cifuentes Miranda.

  • Program creation
    Solanyi Robayo, Chief of Artistic management
    Felipe Reyes, Artistic management coordinator
    Fernanda Poblete, Artistic management coordinator
  • Studies
    Valentina Torres, Studies coordinator
    Javiera Candia, Studies coordinator
  • Audiences development
    Constanza Moreno, Chief of audiences services
    Nicolás Montecino, Audiences development coordinator
    Natacha Osorio, Audiences development coordinator
    Alejandro Osses, mediator
    Karen Muñoz, mediator
    Fabrisiana Cruz, mediator
    Camila Arellano, Participation officer
    Camila Riquelme, Participation officer
  • BiblioGAM
    Ricardo Díaz, Library management coordination
    Susana Pineda, Librarian
    Felipe Valdés, Librarian assistant

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