Gabriela takes the floor

Gabriela Mistral has not only been present in the name of the institution, but also among the programed events on each discipline, be it scenic or visual arts. This multifaceted poet, always alive and in constant construction and deconstruction, has been taken up by several artists during the first decade of GAM’s existence.


Batalla de sencillez

2013: A creation of compañía La Ronca constructed from poetic and narrative texts written by Gabriela Mistral. The piece, directed by Carina Dávila, seeks to underline certain elements of the creation and intellectual relevance of Mistral.

© Lorenzo Mella

Las cosas que nunca tuve

2015: Theatrical concert presenting a selection of fragments from Gabriela Mistral’s poems and letters. The piece, directed by, Elvira López Alfonso, seeks to emphasize the complexity of Mistral.

© Jorge Sánchez

Gabriela infinita (o el país de la ausencia)

2015: An international approach to Mistral by Argentinian director María Marta Guitart, a selection of poems and prose by Gabriela Mistral discussing familiar topics from her work.

Mistral, Gabriela (1945)

2019: A GAM production that imagines Mistral kidnapped the night she found out she won the Nobel Prize. This fantasy by Andrés Kalawski, directed by Aliocha de la Sotta, presents the conflicts she lived through and her political and intellectual significance.

© Patricio Melo

Lucila, luces de Gabriela

2019: A family theater coproduction between GAM and Teatro de Ocasión bringing the life, art and thought of Mistral to children. Directed by Tita Iacobelli.

© Patricio Melo


La bailarina

2015: Choreographer Paulina Mellado was inspired by The Dancer and other poems by Mistral, to create this contemporary dance piece that presents eight incarnations of the Nobel Prize recipient.

La extranjera

2015: A flamenco homage to Mistral. Natalia García-Huidobro and Compañía La Típica were inspired by the poems País de la ausencia and La extranjera to develop this piece about migration and feeling uprooted.

Los cuerpos son celestes

2019: Director María Betania González investigated the nocturne imaginary of Gabriela Mistral in this contemporary dance piece developed from the poem Noche andina.

© Patricio Melo


Gabriela divina

2015: Band Los Perales interpreted spiritual and religious poems by Mistral and recorded them in the album of the same name.

Gabriela Mistral en cuento y música

2016: The GAM Voices Choir and Teatro de Ocasión Company presented a musical with tales and poems inspired by Mistral.

Gabriela apasionada

2017: A concert by Isabel Aldunate in homage to Mistral, with a selection of her love poems.

Gabriela, poesía y fado

2019: CA concert by Chilean band Fado al Sur del Mundo with poems by Mistral turned into this Portuguese genre. A musical connection with the years she spent in Lisbon as a diplomat.


Tejiendo a Lucila

2015: An exhibition with six wool stages recreating significant scenes from Mistral’s life, knitted by Macarena Ahumada.

Primavera de la juventud

2017: For this exhibition, Caiozzama created a stencil triptych with the figure of Mistral telling the story of the GAM building. The piece evoked the image of the poet present in the construction site during Salvador Allende’s government and the dictatorship.

BiblioGAM Mistral Collection

Check our Gabriela Mistral book collection available in BiblioGAM.


Mistralian Meetings
2015: A cycle of talks where specialists in different disciplines analyzed the work, thought and influence of Mistral from artistic, literary, social and heritage perspectives.

Mistral Forums
2015: An approach to Mistral from artistic, literary, social and heritage perspectives.

Reading Workshops
2015: In BiblioGAM the works of the Nobel Prize recipient has been analyzed in several workshops oriented to public of all ages.

Gabriela, te pienso
2017: A workshop by visual artist Carla McKay, where the public got to create an altarpiece with different versions of the poet’s face.

Pasión de enseñar book launch
2017: Book launch of a book by Editorial UV recovering pedagogical writings by Gabriela Mistral.

Deconstruyendo a Gabriela Mistral
2019: Workshop where Mistral was analyzed from pedagogical, political, literary and gender perspectives.

II GAM Education Seminar: Gabriela Mistral, educación para todos y todas
2019: Encounter dedicated to the pedagogical thought of Mistral.

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